FAQ Driving Experience

Who is eligible to participate in the Audi driving experience?

All participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license on the day of the experience.

Do I have to own an Audi to participate?

No, the Audi driving experience is open to everyone.

Do I need previous experience to take the course?

No, previous experience is not required for the Audi driving experience. 

Do any programs require any prerequisites?

Audi Sport R8 Pro Track Experience. It is required to first take the Audi Sport R8 Track Initiation experience before you eligible to participate in Audi Sport R8 Pro Track Experience. 

What do I need to bring on the day of the Audi driving experience?

Dress casual and wear comfortable shoes (no sandals, high heels or boots). Bring your confirmation email and driver's license on the day of the event. All registered participants must present a valid driver's license permitting them to drive passenger vehicles on the date of the event. The organizer of the event will ask to view your driver's license and sign a waiver before driving commences. For complete terms and conditions of the Audi driving experience, please refer to our Legal and Disclaimers section.

Will food and beverages be provided?

Audi Sport Dynamic will provide refreshments and snacks. Audi Sport Track Initiation will provide a gourmet meal. Audi Sport R8 Track Initiation will provide breakfast and lunch. Audi Sport R8 Pro Track will provide breakfast and lunch both days. 

Can I drive my own car?

No, vehicles will be provided. Vehicles that are not part of the Audi driving experience fleet are not permitted in the driving areas at any time.

What is your cancellation policy?

We must receive your cancellation by email to Rachel.Beaudine@theCircuit.com. Notification of your cancellation must be received up to 30 days prior to the event date in order to receive a full refund. There are no refunds issued for cancellations received within 30 days of your registered event.

How many participants per car?

There are two participants per car. Participants will be paired up in cars to allow for driving and observational learning opportunities.

Is there an instructor in the car with me?

No, the instructors communicate with the participants via radio inside the vehicles.

Who insures the event cars?

Audi insures the event cars at the Audi driving experience. 

Can I bring my children and/or friends to watch?

No, only registered participants are allowed to attend the event.

How much time is spent is spent in classroom and in the vehicle?

All programs offer 15% in classroom/debriefs and 85% in the vehicle. 

What if it rains during the program?

All programs run rain or shine.

What is the difference between Audi Sport Dynamic Experience ($595) and Audi Sport Track Initiation Experience ($995)?

Audi Sport Dynamic Experience ($595) does not include track time. The experience is strictly dynamic exercises in our designated dynamic parking lots. Audi Sport Track Initiation Experience ($995) includes dynamic exercises and then drivers rotate on to the track for lead and follow training. 

What if I or another participant has dietary restrictions?

Please email Rachel.Beaudine@theCircuit.com with the following information:
• Name
• Email
• Phone #
• Date of Experience
• Program name 
• Dietary restrictions on behalf of yourself or your guest attending 

Am I allowed to bring a camera and/or video camera?

Yes, you are allowed to take photos and video while at the Audi driving experience. Please note the use of personal dash or windshield mounted cameras (such as GoPro cameras) are prohibited for safety precautions.

When will my credit card be charged after I book my reservation?

You will be notified via email once your card has been charged and your reservation has been accepted. 

What else do I need to know?

Please limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages the night before your event.